Child Safety

Child Safety at Trinity

Children are special in God’s sight, a precious gift made in His own image. At Trinity we highly value the role that loving, godly adults have in discipling and nurturing children and we appreciate the ways children bless adults in the church. We take seriously our covenant responsibility to assist parents in the Christian nurture of our covenant children.

  • We believe in promoting healthy relationships between adults and children. 
  • We believe that protecting children is an adult’s responsibility. 
  • We believe in preventing and responding to abuse with training and accountability.

For your child's safety and comfort, we ask parents to fill out a Children's Ministries 
Information Form. This allows us to better care for each child's individual needs.

These child protection policies, approved by our Session, provide more information 
about how children are protected at Trinity as well as the requirements for adults who 
want to serve in any children/s youth ministries.

*You will need to create an account and use your credit card to pay $10 for the (basic) Stewards of Children Training. 
Turn your completion certificate in to the office to be reimbursed.  Thanks!

Becoming Part of Children's 
Ministries at Trinity

Because God has blessed us with many children and young people at Trinity, 
we have many opportunities for service to them. Here’s what to do if you’d like 
to be part of Children’s Ministry:

The Process

Talk with our Nursery Coordinator, Claire Janson, about serving in our nursery or with our Christian Ed. Coordinator, Arlene Compton, about serving in Sunday School.

  • Take the required Child Protection training, either at a Trinity event or on-line, (link above; course fee reimbursable upon completion).
  • Carefully read Trinity’s Child Protection Policy, Procedures, and Code of Conduct (links above), and prepare to sign the Consent Form indicating that you have read and agree to the policy and will hold others accountable.  
  • Ask Arlene to arrange your background check and fill out a reference request form (link above).
  • Schedule a time to talk with Arlene about your life as a Christian and working with children. 
  • Take the Trinity Building Safety Training (given as needed by Arlene)

If you have questions or would like further information, 
please contact Arlene at

Please note that background checks and CPP training need to be repeated every three years and building safety/review/signing of Trinity’s child protection documents is required yearly.

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