Man’s chief end (or purpose) is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. When we worship God we are being most fully human because worshipping the Triune God and finding our pleasure in him is what we were created to do.

Unfortunately, sin has affected our desires and we tend to look away from God in an attempt to fill our hearts and find contentment in other things. In the Lord’s grace, he has set aside one day in seven for the corporate body to gather in his presence and worship him - to return us to the purpose for which we were created.

As we gather to worship, it is our hope that we will experience the grace and mercy found in the gospel and that our hearts will be turned from false objects of worship and be returned to our Creator. This is making God’s grace and the gospel a part of our daily lives.

We believe that when we worship, we are in the presence of a holy God, engaging in gospel dialogue with him, while being reminded once again of his love and faithfulness to us. Our expectation is that each of us, as we worship, will be confronted with the truth of the gospel throughout the entire service, experiencing the gospel in our minds, hearts and wills. As this happens, through our worship, we grow in our knowledge of this God and in our love for him.

Each Sunday about 200 people gather together to worship at TPC. You will find a mix of people from many different faith, socio-economic, ethnic, and political backgrounds. What unites us is the gospel of God's grace and worship of the one true God. We follow a "liturgy" or order each week which points us to the holiness and grace of God. In that liturgy we read Scripture, sing hymns (old and new), confess our sins, remember God's pardon, pray, hear God's Word explained, and celebrate the Lord's supper.

You are invited to join us!